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Jihad Wittaya History: The fact is painful part 1

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Wartani officer : Zawawee Jujur
Translate by : Marina Chelae


Since violence in southernmost of Thai occurred in the past and the present, “Pondok” became to be a part of violent situation all the time. Especially, the closure of “Pondok Jihad or Jihad Wittaya School” by Thai army ordered since March 21, 2015 that located in M.4 Ban Thadan, Talokapo, Yaring, Pattani

After the Thai army has ordered the closure such an institution it was made by Thai state and society that Pondok institutions are cultivating ideas undermine the stability of national generalized. In spite of Pondok institutions are center of Islamic and cultural learning in community, so Pondok and Muslim society as a virtual sea salt. The salinity of salt water will not caused spoilage because the salinity of salt protected. Pondok like to sanative Muslim society from various vices.

Pondok Jihad was built in 1968 by “Babo Heng” he was guru in religion at that time. When he backed from education, people had requested him to open Pondok. So he had opened by accommodating from people since Pondok and building of Tadika construction processing. From that time on, Pondok had play a role to solution in community through learning in religion such a name of Pondok Jihad that meant “be engrossed in develop and improve ourselves” that is not meant about “ fight” as “Jihad” meaning in the understood of society.


Unexpected situation

Babo Heng was shot killing in 1977 it made Pondok lacked supervisor, so people had decided to appoint Mr.Dullah Waemano was a student that Babo Heng was the most loved and most in trusted. Mr. Dullah was son of Imam Thadan, which people were acceptable and the most believed in, so people had appointed him to be supervisor of Jihad Wittaya School. Then he had in trusted to be School principal in 1978. Later Mr. Dullah Waemano had married to Ms. Jawahir Waemano she was daughter of Babo Heng in 1980.

Mr. Dullah Waemano such a School principal had integration school from original Pondok (learning Quran) to be a curriculum of Non-formal Education. Since then Pondok Jihad that called by people was changed to Jihad Wittay School.


12 of violence and 12 of view by Thai state

The big stolen 413 gun barrel had broken out in January 4, 2004 at the 4th Battalion of the Royal Narathiwat at Marubo-oak, Chohi-rong, Narathiwat or was influenced calling “Kai-pileng” puzzled. And in the final of this year, there were Thai army came to blockade school and searched Pondok but at that time Thai army had not charged anything because no illegal.

In the middle of March 2005 later, Thai army came to blockade again and not had anything illegal. They came at this time also with a warrant of arrested Mr. Dullah Weamano was a School principal but he absented accidently he went to visit his relationship at Srisakon, Narathiwat in the 2 days before.

Thai army spent for 4 days of searching but it had not found the illegal but had reported in media that had found the textbook of step 7 and DVD for weapons training of Osama Bin-ladin, it was a VCD that were available in the market also with 2 guns barrel and ammunition. From this case Ms. Jawahir Waemano had guaranteed that guns belong to Manu Srithadan, he was a former village headman, so why did Thai army reported media even if it irrelevant with Jihad Wittay School.

Then Thai army brought Mr.  Adenan Chea-sae, he just backed from Malaysia day 2, (he was brother in law of Mr. Dullah Waemano and he was a son of Babo Heng) also with 3 students to Ingkhayuthaborihan camp at Boa-thong, Pattani. Thai army had seized of 2 cars of 1 was a younger brother of Mr. Dullah and 1 more was belong to Mr. Dullah to investigation process. Thai army had charged that there was RKK’s training force in Jihad Wittaya School.

2 weeks later, Thaksin Talk with People Radio Station had announced that seized of Jihad Wittaya School license through radio station live in Thailand, even not the case as well.

And 2 weeks then, there was ordered by Ministry of Education to open school further but school had lacked of staff and a very heavy accusation of case by Thai army, so school was not ready to open as that ordered.

After the closure ordered Pondok Jihad as formal in March 25, 2005 by Pattani Provincial Governor ordering, virtual Pondok Jihad was accused of being judged of violent situation. Because of the closure ordering there were many accidents of Action on terrorism. According to the official of documentation of stability said Jihad Wittaya School at Ban Tha-dan, Talokapo, Yaring in Pattani which was running by Mr. Dullah Waemano there were the act to support of violent situation in southernmost of Thailand.


The 11th of violent situation with the struggle of justice

Mr. Banjal Waemano was the third son of Mr. Dullah Waemano, the School principal of Jihad Wittaya school, disclosed that “since 2005, Thai officer ordered to close it after 2 weeks later there were ordered to open school but our family refused to open because the lacked of staff and unacceptable on the accusation of Thai officer. Then soon there were ordered to open again by saying that it was open a week as well then if wanted to close it just closed. So we thought that seem the Thai officer avoid of the closure ordering responsibility”.

Mr.Banjal Waemano more disclosed that during the school closed and temporary impound many Thai state agencies to assist the investigation and also encouragement that it was impossible to impound it. Besides to assist damages of loosing Mr. Ridhwan Waemano was a bigger brother by shot dead but the family said to all Thai state agencies that just let them know who killed his bigger brother, what wrong’s school and what wrong’s School Principal that why do you closed school.


Mr. Banjal still said “we thought that our family no needed from Thai state agency assistance but we would like Thai state agency given us the answer what we had suspicion on more than help remedy the object or currencies. We wanted the story to be cleared before the deal”. He said.

However the story still not the end because after the ordered of school closed in march, 2012 later Pattani court had ordered to Mr. Dullah Waemano the School Principal such as the missing person. And in November at the same year, there were ordered to temporary impound assets that related with offence by Transaction Committee the Office of the Anti-Money Laundering Act. Against Money laundering 2542. Then 3 AML agencies came to have a look asset that was impound appeared the 14 hectares of Pondok Jihad located not Mr. Dunllah Waemano according to the law that impound assets of the temporary offence of Mr.Dunllah Waemano. Because the 6 deed of Mr. Dunllah had it was not related with Pondok Jihad but Pondok Jihad deed had a list with 5 people who were relatives. Then the 5 people received a written invitation to testify at Pattani AML.

As in the impound asset on legal matter relating to the offences temporarily, Waemano’s family assigned to Muslim Advocacy Center of Pattani to the owner of the case.

August 2005, the Civil Court hearing has begun examined the opposition. Pondok Jihad or Waemano’s family still believed in justice process and were ready to fight the case to cancel the order of the impound asset of the temporary offence. As Pondok effected confident that justice will be fair to them, but there was Thai state agency or Thai senior officials in the area proposed to solution a fair by facing with Mr. Banjal and offered to reconcile in the lawsuit. Mr. Banjal answered “I already had consultation with Muslim Advocacy Center it was in Civil Court and almost ending, as a matter of justice anyway. If convicted, however, I got it already, and this was the best solution to end the distrust of Thai state accused”.

Mr. Banjal Waemano told that later, the team of senior officials had a phone talk about the agency assigned to the case but I just given answered as above, so the team of senior officials asked me “Did u still believed in justice process of Thai state?” I answered that “I and family still confident and were ready to get the convicted any reason”.  They responded “if you do not get burned”. Then hang up.

Mr.Banjal Waemano told in the end “I had confident in justice process of Thai state that Thai state will not bully their own people, even fall I got it, if win I will thankful Allah”. Mr. Banjal said confidently.